Friday, 13 July 2012

Welcome to my (our) New Home!

So I made another new blog; because the other one didn't really feel like 'me'. I thought it did. But hey, I guess these are really things that shouldn't be rushed into, so here we are!! I hope you like it!

I haven't posted in forever! Entirely my fault, obviously. I blame it on the post-wedding high, but I seem to be blaming a lot on my post wedding high (including a little podge I seemed to have developed - not good), but in fact I think I've just been a little too lazy.

Adam and I got two kittens like we wanted; which we are super ecstatic about... some of us more than others; but I think the 'other' of us is really warming up to them now. The kittens are called Millie and Milo. They're so adorable but I'm going to dedicate another part of this blog to them instead of overloading this part of my blog with beautiful pics... so I'm sorry in advance if you're not a cat lover.

Us in a nutshell. Adam works; I'm 'trying to get on the dole (urgh); I'm a bit of a bum; Adam works, and I am mentally decorating our house but haven't actually started on some of it properly yet. I'm looking for work in administration, support work and/or anything in a restaurant - so if anyone knows of anything coming up (preferably somewhere near where I live Sunderland/Newcastle) let me know. I am going to be volunteering for a school in September so I can get my Science GCSE and then from there I'm going to either go straight into a PGCE or I'll become a teaching assistant - we'll see.

This blog will mainly be full of my day to day ramblings but every so often you may find something very awesome and really interesting... or something. I'm going to blog about:

Health re: food
Health re: cooking
Discovering my surroundings

This last one will be the most intriguing for me because I'm not from here so who knows what I will find. I'm looking for nooks/crannies/places people wouldn't usually go if they weren't from here and the best part of it is, because I live in Washington which is between Sunderland and Newcastle I get to discover both cities!!

Sorry for the big space at the end of this post. I've been having serious technical difficulties with trying to post this for the last hour so if I don't post now I may end up breaking Adam's laptop with frustration.  :D

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