Monday, 10 September 2012

Wandering off the Path

Today I did my second day of the 5 x 50. I seem to be doing it between 4pm and 6pm which I am not quite sure if it is too late or early. But I am fitting it in where I can.
It was harder today because I decided to do some little adventuring and got lost! Well I didn't get lost I just misjudged how far away from home I was and I went nearly half a mile out of my way. But, I did finally find the path that goes from here to Sunderland, I saw it the other day whilst Adam and I were in the car but he didn't know where it started. But today I found it. Yay!
Today I walked 4.05 miles in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Which was only 10 minutes more than yesterday.
Hopefully this walking malarkey is going to get easier so I can start my walk/jogging training again. I had a stitch yesterday and today and then I ended my walk on a headache.
If anything this 5 x 50 challenge will teach me perseverance!

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  1. If you are walking you should get that sister and that husband of yours to walk to, will do you all good and we all need a little encouragement to keep going and besides its going to start getting dark early in a month or so. Don't forget to watch out for the bears :)