Sunday, 23 September 2012

You is kind...

You is smart
And you is IMPORTANT.

I love teaching little children. They are the most adorable little human beings on this planet - not that there are any other type of little human being trolling around the earth.

Today we spoke about very important people, and how we should treat very important special people (this is at the beginning of sharing time). The children came up with lots of great ideas like:

Being friendly
Being nice
Being reverent

And other things along these lines. Well, my sharing time carried on from this.

I reminded the children that they are all important and that they are all different but just because they are all different it does not mean that Heavenly Father loves them any less or any more than anyone else.

To remind them how different but special we all are I got them to stand in a small circle and look at each others hair and height. We stretched out all our arms and hands in the middle of the circle and looked at all our hands big and small, nails and no nails. I even had nail polish on. I showed them how no hands were the same. Then we looked at our feet and wiggled them around and showed how they were all different from another child.

They all found this really fun. I then told them just to show how much of a star they are we would give them a headband with a star on it with the saying - I am a star shining brightly. I got them to choose stickers of stars that they wanted to put on their headdress star and they thought this was really cool.

We have sacrament meeting after primary and I saw lots of the children with their stars still on their heads. Today was a really good day behavioural wise.

I got my idea for this week's lesson from - this really saved me this week because I really couldn't think of anything to do for my lesson.

Just remember you are a star and that Heavenly Father loves you!

I'd upload a pic but my blogger on my phone is being silly!!

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  1. I think i taught a lesson similar to that at some point lol so cute.