Saturday, 14 July 2012

Film Review: The Five Year Engagement

Okay so yeah I'm not a professional critic, I get that. But, I am a human being. I'd say normal but what exactly is normal. I love films. I love going to see films, so getting the Cineworld pass for Adam and I was just perfect because we can see films all the time.

Yesterday, we went to see The Five-Year Engagement. It has Emily Blunt and Jason Segel in it (Jason Segel actually did a lot of the production on this one too. You'd find Emily Blunt in films such as: The Young Victoria (2009), Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) and one of my personal favourites The Devil Wears Prada (2006) - She actually plays Emily in that too. Jason Segel has been in films such as: Bad Teacher (2011) and Knocked-Up (2007) but most famously known for the TV series How I Met Your Mother.

This film is so adorable! The acting was superb, throughout most of the film it seemed like they were really in love. You know, those looks you give someone when you just know, well in this film you could tell that they just knew. It was really beautiful. I told Adam that even though he reinforces the fact that I know I chose the right person to marry by what he does everyday, films like this one reinforce it even more. If you don't come away from the film feeling loved-up or extremely happy there is something seriously going wrong.

Emily Blunt plays Violet, a young British student who is dying for her break in the world of psychology. She is happy, laid-back and has a nice sarcastic wit which isn't lost on her partner Tom (Jason Segel). When Violet finally gets her educational break in Michigan it is miles away from her home with Tom and after discussing the move, very briefly, Tom decides to go along with her giving up his brilliant position in a top restaurant. The fact of which isn't lost on him further along the film.

But after planning and failing to go through with their wedding a total of four times, you really start to wonder whether they are ever going to make it down the isle.

A great main cast supported by other brilliant actors and actresses. The Five-Year Engagement is funny, and even hilarious in parts (made funnier by the girl in the cinema laughing like a hyena) with a big splash of romance and even tears.

4/5 Not one to be missed. You laugh, you cry  and then you laugh some more.

For a really good professional review of The Five-Year Engagement click here: The - The Five-Year Engagement Review

<<Edited to add - the above review gives a lot of spoilers away>>

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