Monday, 23 July 2012

Little Late! Happy Birthday Cake!

I want to say a little late birthday to my wonderful husband, Adam!

He was 27 yesterday! So now he is officially 4 years older than me. Well technically he is 3 and a half years older than me because my birthday is half a year and a day before his and half a year after his! Yesterday we had a lovely BBQ at his parent's house, as it was also Adam's twin brother's birthday too.

We kind of extended Adam's birthday to today as well by going to Wagamama for lunch! Who loves eating there? I know we do! We bought the usual katsu chicken curry. I really need to find the recipe for that!

As soon as we get paid on Wednesday I'm going to be buying the ingredients for Adam's birthday cake! I remember as a little girl we used to always bake cookies and cakes and buns and all sorts of fun things but the one recipe I remember came from a green covered book. I can't remember what the book was called but call I remember is the name of the cake and that was "Can't Go Wrong Cake".

It's simple. I think.

Weigh 2/3 eggs or even 4 if you really want to.
Then weigh the same out with flour (self raising), sugar, and butter. I usually like to add a little bit of honey just to make it that little bit more squidgy... add in anything else that you want like cherries or raisins etc.
Pop it in the oven until you see it browning (usually takes between 20-30 minutes) and I always put it on gas mark 5/6.

I'm going to make a butter cream sandwich cake. For the butter cream you usually use butter (a lot more than you think) and icing sugar.

You can either follow a recipe for this or you can guestimate. I usually put in about 200g of butter and then mix in icing sugar.

It tastes divine! I usually use it on butterfly buns too! (Also a major favourite of mine).

I'll let you know how it tastes on Wednesday!