Monday, 16 July 2012

Food is Fun... Apparently

Adam and I have decided to eat healthier. But what does that actually mean? Eating your greens? Getting in five fruit and veg a day? The latter I believe to be highly improbable. Drink more water?

I once heard someone say that the more you drink water in the beginning the more thirsty you get but after a while that thirst subsides and your body stops hoarding water. But, if I didn't set myself specific times in the day to drink water I don't think I'd ever have any. Recently I've been drinking squash/pop/dilutable (sp?) juice, however you want to call it, but at the end of the day it seems to give me a headache and I don't like my squash to be too strong so I wonder where the headache comes from...

So anyway back to eating healthier AND cheaper... because let's face it... who doesn't like to eat cheaper. Adam and I sat down and said "Right what do you want to eat?" and once you think about that question, the more you tend to think about 'real' meals... and I'm not talking 'large big mac meals' or 'large chicken burger meals'. What I'm talking about is good old bangers and mash with onion gravy and sausage casserole with the odd jacket potato and salad to boot.

Once we realised that we could pretty much eat what we wanted, we found that all we really wanted was good old fashioned home grown food and not the slightly unhealthier stuff you can buy in a restaurant; and restaurants are our downfall... food always looks and tastes nicer when you've not made it yourself.

We decided on buying food every week and not buying in bulk because more often than not you eat half of the bulk and throw out the rest; and we're not in the habit of throwing out food. We also decided on using what we have, so for example if Adam and I want chicken salad for lunch one day; we buy a pack of chicken, half it, use some for the salad and then use some the day after for chicken tikka (I know not home grown food but we wanted it anyway).

Because we have our list a full week before we are going to buy the food we can research online for the cheapest supermarket to buy it from thus reducing our food bills and making us both happy.

Adam and I got a smoothie to go maker from one of my Bridesmaids for a wedding gift and we're really excited to start using it and I know, I know, it's been 2 months since we got married so we should have used it by now. But, nobody is perfect.

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